In the few short years since penning her first song, singer/songwriter Juliet Lloyd has quickly gained a name for herself as a strikingly accomplished young songwriter and no-holds barred performer. From thousand-seat amphitheaters to intimate standing-room only cafes, audiences have been held captive by her accessible, memorable songs and easy charm time and time again. She “can move you from uncontrollable dancing to the brink of tears within a moment,” according to the Rochester (NY) Insider, equally capable of wringing every last emotion out of a heartbreaking ballad as ripping into a blazing rocker. The release of her sophomore album, Leave the Light On (July 2007) – “an astonishingly slick independent CD with a big studio sound” (Boston Globe) – brings a new collection of original songs that somehow manage – like Juliet herself – to be both modern and timeless, both personal and universal. Blending elements of pop, rock, and soul, it features standout vocal performances that have become her trademark – “soulful, emotive, and loaded with groove” (Metronome Magazine).

2007 proved to be a banner year for the young artist proclaimed to be “on the cusp of stardom” by the Boston Globe.  Following the release of Leave the Light On, Juliet embarked on a tour of performances at festivals and clubs across the country, from Boston to Los Angeles.  Highlights included sharing the stage with international act Travis, and opening for classic rock legends America in front of an audience of 10,000.  Juliet was named ‘best female vocalist in Boston’ in a poll by Boston’s WBZ-TV, and received glowing coverage in print and television media across the northeast, garnering comparisons to piano-driven acts such as Keane and The Fray.  A national radio campaign in the latter half of 2007 led to songs from Leave the Light On being added into rotation at over 175 radio stations across the country, including Boston’s renowned AAA tastemakers WBOS and WXRV.

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Juliet relocated to Boston in 2004 to attend Berklee College of Music on a vocal scholarship. Within a year of playing her first local gig, Juliet had performed, both solo and with her band, in some of Boston’s best clubs – including the Paradise, Harper’s Ferry, and the Middle East – and gained the attention of local publications such as the Boston Globe. Since then she has expanded throughout the east and west coasts, including the renowned Bitter End, Living Room, and Apollo Theater in NYC, and dates in L.A., Philly, and countless other cities and towns along the way. In 2005, she won awards from both Billboard Magazine and Berklee College of Music for two different songs, was chosen as a semi-finalist in the Acoustic Live competition in Los Angeles, and was invited to take part in the prestigious NY Songwriters’ Circle. Some of 2006’s highlights included opening for Grammy-winner Steve Tyrell, opening for the Billboard chart-topping band The Rippingtons, and a six-night residency at the Rochester International Jazz Festival. Her debut album, All Dressed Up (April 2005), featured 9 original songs and garnered immediate comparisons to Steely Dan, Prince, Alicia Keys, and Carole King. Reviewers praised her “soulful songwriting prowess” and “well-crafted lyrics” (Metronome Magazine), while fans consistently marveled at the fact that not a single track on the album is worth skipping – a rarity in today’s single-driven marketplace.

In their 2007 review of Leave the Light On, Boston’s Metronome Magazine wrote “with a calling card this good, the sky is the limit for Juliet Lloyd.” Indeed, fans of this rapidly emerging artist have much to look forward to in the coming months.